Brian J. Munro's review of my third test cable:

"Hi Allen. Thank you so much for letting me test your Overkill "Katharos" power cable. Your product is head and shoulders above anything I have seen in a competitive price range. I compared your cable to a Gut Wire and a Nordost. Yours was my choice. Your cable is on the way to David Mitchell as of today. I wish I could have simply sent you the money and kept it. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations for a product well made."

Brian J. Monroe, Jan 2016



Lewis K. Gore's review:

"The cable sounds very nice. I was shocked at those big a** connectors. WOW. I had to move my power conditioner further from the wall to plug it in. From your pictures one does not realize how "huge" the connectors are. You need to lay a ruler beside them. But it does sound very nice with very nice soundstage and dynamics. The bass is great and voices are clear and expressive. There also seems to be an improvement in the highs. As you may have seen on our group page, I made some modifications to my speakers. I feel there is an improvement. The new cable and the modifications to my speaker really complement each other. I have been doing a lot of listening this afternoon and tonight. The cable really likes Mozart."

Lewis K. Gore, Sept 2015




Frans Keylard's Review:

"Think it’s unrealistic to get high performance hand-crafted power cables under $150? Think again! Allen Walker’s lovingly hand crafted and numbered, and stunning looking Overkill power cables are made to length, so you get a tidier cable loom behind your equipment and the performance associated with high-end shielded cables using 10awg pure copper wiring, pure copper hospital-grade plugs, and a nifty copper-colored sleeve topped off with marine-grade heat shrink. Don’t overlook the benefits of hooking these up to DVRs and often overlooked Subwoofers. I will recycle the components, but these cables will never leave my system! These power cables are just as useful for video and audio source components as they are for heavy duty amplifiers and high-end power strips. The Overkill Power Cable offers performance that is indistinguishable from the venerable Shunyata HC at less than half the cost. What’s not to like?"

Frans Keylard,  August 2015



Miles Ludovice's Review:

"I have used after market power cords for 8 years now. Most of my attention were for power amplifiers. I used Shunyata Python, PS Audio Premier and Statement for power amplifiers & powered subwoofers. I used Synergistic Research for my preamp processor. So 4 years ago I used Audioquest NRG for my source component, OPPO BDP 95, it had subtle but significant improvement over the stock power cord. When I replaced it with Shunyata Black Mamba HC, there was better soundstage and more pronounced bass and clearer mids and highs. Fast forward 2015, I decided to try Allen Walker's Overkill power cable for source component (OPPO 95) to see if it can improve over what Shunyata Black Mamba can do. I asked Allen to custom build for me a 5-foot 14awg power cord with rhodium connectors. For 2 weeks as of this writing, Overkill 14 awg with rhodium connectors made significant improvement over the Shunyata Black Mamba. More accurate and wider soundstage, cleaner & tighter bass with more snap, and more defined mids and highs. The picture is more analog in my Panasonic VT30 plasma 65-inch TV. The overall sound of the Overkill 14 is more organic. Since digital sources like blu ray and CD players have challenging noise environments, the shield provided by my custom built Overkill14 created a more organic sound reproduction. I commend Allen for a job well done at a very reasonable and significantly lower price than the other power cord brands I used."

Miles Ludovice, August 2015


Bob Weiniger's pre-review:


August 2015


Tom Metcalf's pre-review:

"Got my Overkill Power Cable today. Based just on the material and craftsmanship makes this a no brainer. Top notch quality at an entry level price. Can't wait to put it through its paces. Thank you Allen Walker. I'm pleased with my investment straight out of the package."

Tom Metcalf, July 2015



Ben Fan's review:

"Well here is my feedback on the Overkill Cables. The cables are well built where you can quickly tell that there was a lot of hard work in building one of these beauties. I have now tested them into 2 set ups, powering to Ayon Sprit II Integrated amp and to Welborne Power supply for the M2tech DAC.


The first sonic character of this cord that I have encountered is that the bass will take an improvement in tightness and snap which to me give better PRAT (pace, rhythm and timing) to my system. This is evident especially in setting the amp in Triode mode where the added bass from the Overkill is big plus. The second is that I am running my various LS3\5a without my much loved Roger AB1 bass extender and do not feel an immediate need to connect them back up again. This is a true testament to the performance of this cable.


The second is an improvement in a lower noise floor which then gives way to more detail and a little deeper into the soundstage. Vocals gave way to a more defined and smoother texture more so than the amp when the DAC was connected to Overkill.


Allen, well done on your cables and thank you for giving the initial few of us an opportunity check it out. Will be touch soon for the next batch of Overkill cables."

Ben Fan, July 2015



Trev Doyle's review:

"I just got my Overkill cable the other day. Hands down the biggest improvement-to-dollar of anything I have ever done to my system. I have been an audio nut for 25 yrs, so I think I know what to listen for, but this weekend my system changed so much so that I wouldn't even need to do a AB or ABX test. The improvement was dramatic."

Trev Doyle, Massif Audio Design, July 2015



Neil Small's review:

"I received my Overkill power cables from Allen Walker Thursday evening. I have listened to them through the evening, all of yesterday and today.

This morning, first up, k.d.lang, Hymns Of The 49th Parallel 'cause it's an amazing recording; I really believe k.d. is standing in front of me. Today, I heard a slightly more natural tone, and most noticeably tighter bottom end (which I didn't think was possible). Next, Darol Anger & Barbara Higbie, Live At Montreux, 'cause I love this album, and have listened to it more than any other music I own. The steel drums surprised me the most - I heard them in a way I never noticed before. A good way, but I can't put my finger on it. And, I was listening to Barbara's piano playing - not the steel drums. Follow those up with the "blow your brains out" Al Di Meola album Kiss My Axe. I thought the bottom end on this album couldn't possibly impress me any more than it did; now it's reference material. The attack on Al's guitar makes my skin "itch" in a way I rarely ever hear. I could go on and on…

A difference? Without a doubt. Subtle in places; very unexpected in others. Highly recommended? Absolutely no doubt. I'm no longer a disbeliever in power cables, at least not at a sensible price. I'm quite certain I got the better end to the deal Allen!

Don't want Overkill power cables? Good - more for the rest of us!" 

Neil Small, Music Lover, July 2015


Neil's follow-up review:

 "I love my new Overkill power cables! I could try a dozen tweaks and not get 1/10th of the improvement I hear. If I had to choose between the manufacturers and Allen's cables? No choice - Overkill all the way."



David Klein's review:

"It fit great. Had to bend the cable a bit to mate the connectors. Love the gains in clarity and lower noise floor. Low s/n ratio is everything to me as a bassist and this cable delivers. Fantastic job Allen!"

David Klein, bass guitarist, July 2015


Keith Everitt's review:

"Here's my review from a 2 hour run with the cable Wednesday night.. My amp always has a slight buzz, Just a Marshall thing I think, but with this power cable it was almost not audible.. I also noticed the bite from the tubes sounded tighter without changing any of my tone... The attack on the guitar seemed more pronounced.. softer strokes still stayed soft and the more aggressive picking really got the tubes going.. The only thing that I might worry about is that my power transformer ran a little hotter than normal.. All in all the first test was a big A+..." 


Keith's follow-up review:


"Review From my show Friday July 3rd... The stage at the club I played on Friday does not have the best electric.. Many things are plugged into the same circuit which cause a lot of noise sometimes.. My amp always make a bit of noise every time I have played there.. About half way through the second song I was getting a very large amount of noise that just wouldn't stop so I stopped the show for a few to find the problem.. After tracing through all my cables the sound tech and I discovered that the input jack to my speaker cab was a little loose.. We quickly fixed that problem and I fire my Marshall back up and I must say that this show was the quietest that my amp has ever performed... I showed the Overkill to a few people and they were all blown away with it.. I think I even have one friend that might be ordering one... I will be ordering one soon my self.. Gonna be really hard to go back to the factory power cable that I have always used.. After running these test over the last few weeks on the Overkill Power Cable I KNOW Allen Walker has found the solution to an always-present hum that comes from bad stage electric wiring.. Gonna be sad when I have to send this one off to Glenn Peterson for the next stage of the test... A job well done Allen.. Rating of the cable 5 STARS..."


Keith Everitt, professional Guitarist for Steelbourn, June 2015


Jason Tavares's review:

"The stock power cord is quite thick and sturdy compared to many (this is, after all, a $5750 integrated amp). I haven't ran the stock cord in a while, but it by no means embarrasses itself. Plinius is known for its bass, and even the stock cord doesn't disappoint: bass is powerful and deep. Overall, using the stock cord on the Plinius is still very much a satisfying experience.

But then I replaced the stock cord with Allen Walker's creation. Let me get this out of the way: it definitely made a difference. I know some of you will call it a delusion, but I went back and forth three times and the Overkill simply sounded better (and by that, I mean the entire presentation seemed more transparent, more dynamic, and seemingly louder). The bass wasn't deeper, but seemed tighter, faster, more powerful. Transients in general seemed quicker, almost like the amp had a better grip on the drivers. Don't misunderstand me: this wasn't a profound change...but definitely and clearly noticeable.

Differences (in most cases) got a lot more difficult to discern when I swapped between the Overkill and the other aftermarket power cords. The Ultralink looks very similar to the Overkill, but weighs considerably less. It's a very pretty cable, but I'm unconvinced that it offers much better performance than the stock least, I couldn't hear much difference. All things being equal, I would buy Allen's cable over the Ultralink."

Jason Tavares, Hifi shop owner, April 2015


Alec Longbottoms review:


"Everyone at the shop was blown away with the build of the cable! It's as professional as anything else, great build!"


"Allen did a top notch job for being fairly new at this. I did not give him easy competition either. Build quality surpassed some of the cables tested. Sound quality does need some refinement, but his cable absolutely sounded better than the stock Naim cable - by a vast margin! All in all, if he can bring down his manufacturing costs and maintain the sound quality or surpass it, he truly has built a cable worthy of the name Overkill."

Alec Longbottom, Hifi shop owner, May 2015